Yoga & Meditation

Reduce the stress and increase productivity at your workplace with yoga!
Yoga offers tremendous benefits both to employees and to the company, and does so conveniently and very cost-effectively. With the help of regular yoga classes at your workplace, absenteeism rates lower down, productivity and the profits of the company are boosted, and a more positive and friendly working environment is promoted. Companies that offer corporate yoga usually enjoy lower health care premiums as well.
The expectations for performance are very high in the Corporate UK. Long working hours, the workloads and due dates create a huge stress on the employees. As we all know, stress is the source of countless illnesses. Migraine, headaches, digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety, depression, weight gain, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders… These are some of the examples caused by stress hormones which create expensive healthcare claims for employers to pay.
Bringing yoga classes onsite to the office has multiple benefits for a business.

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