Workplace Pilates Benefits:
Improves health, reduced sick days
Increases memory capacity and productivity
Builds team spirit and promotes wellbeing
Improves memory, helps learn and think faster
Helps with sleeping and reduces insomnia
Stretches and elongates the muscles, improving flexibility
Optimises body and mind coordination
Helps to reduce back pain due to sitting long hours
Strengthens the core, improves the stamina
Improves body posture, flexibility and joint mobility
Regulates the breath, improves the lung capacity and reduces the stress level
Opens up chest and shoulder muscles, undoing the damage caused by long hours of sitting
Improves blood circulation, rises the energy level during the day
Strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of getting infected or sick

Those life-changing benefits of our professionally designed Pilates classes will bring your business health, energy and motivation which becomes a win-win situation for any business.