Laughter Yoga

You can’t be stressed or pessimist when you are laughing, and you can’t get negative about the person that you’re laughing with!

Laughter yoga can have amazing results in your workplace. Laughter yoga is a very powerful tool helping business people reduce workplace stress and create a positive, focused and energetic workforce. It helps to boost confidence and morale, enhances creativity, focus and attention span, increases job satisfaction, strengthens immune system and reduces chronic pain.

Laughter yoga was created in 1995 by Indian physician Dr. Madan Kataria and has been spread to 100 countries so far. Laughter helps you exhale more carbon dioxide and inhale more oxygen which oxygenates every cell and organs. Therefore, it naturally improves efficiency, mental focus and concentration as it works simultaneously both on body and mind.

Laughter Yoga tools and techniques provide companies and organisations with powerful, cutting-edge operational benefits.

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