Desktop Pilates

No space at your workplace for a proper Pilates or yoga class? Or not enough time for a full workout session? Then try our 15 to 30 minute desk-top workouts to relax, stretch and energize your employees without getting away from their chairs.

According to the statistics, sitting related injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) & Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) have dramatically increased in the past years, since the evolution of the personal computer. In United Kingdom, more workers are injured using a computer keyboard than operating any other tool.

A well-designed desktop exercise will help your employees regulate their breath, stretch their tight muscles, help with their posture related problems, reduce their stress levels and increase productivity. A short, on-site, group work out will also create positive and appealing working environment.

All Desktop Pilates moves are suitable for absolutely everyone and are designed to easily be practiced at your desk, sitting or standing, whilst wearing your work clothes.

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