Corporate Wellbeing

Empower your business with healthier, happier and more motivated staff!

Health and wellbeing of the employees is the key to a successful business. The benefits of wellness practices in the workplace are priceless both for the employer and the employee, because not working hard, but not recovering enough is the main source of work related physical and mental problems.
Practices like Pilates, yoga or mindfulness reduce stress and improve the physical and mental health of the employees. Lower stress equates to greater satisfaction, creativity, productivity and reduced absenteeism as well.
Those practices also create unity and a positive atmosphere in your workplace which naturally results in an ultimate success in your business.
Urban Wellbeing provides your workplace with a variety of services your employees may need to be healthier, happier and more productive.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a specific exercise area for our classes. Just a meeting room or any large-enough space will be enough for our sessions. If you don’t have enough space to roll out a mat, or enough time for a full session, we also do on-chair classes which provide a delightful stretch on office chairs alone, without the need for yoga mats or longer time to devote.


Yoga & Meditation

Desktop Pilates

Chair Massage

Laughter Yoga

Tai Chi

Transformational Breath