Pilates has incredible effects on your body, posture and even on your psychology. Here are some of the benefits that a regular Pilates class brings to you:
1. Great for killer abs and core strength
2. Good workout for your entire body
3. Perfect rehab for back pain
4. Ultimate spine health
5. Improves your posture
6. Places no pressure on your knees and joints
7. An exercise for everyone
8. Boosts your mental health and improves focus and concentration
9. Improves your sports performance
10. Increases your flexibility
11. Improves your sex life
12. Improves your blood circulation
13. Makes you more aware of your body
14. Improves memory and concentration
15. Gives you better spinal health & strength
16. Prevents the risk of injuries
17. Gives you strength without the bulky, imbalanced muscles
18. Gentle but challenging
19. Understand your body’s limits without causing pain
20. Minimises any pain that is associated with Alzheimer’s
21. Beneficial pre, during and post pregnancy
22. Can assist with weight loss
23. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
24. You can do it everywhere
25. Boosts your stamina
26. Gives you a lean, tall body…
27. Helps your body’s digestive system
28. Versatile and very adaptable to your needs
29. Raises your energy level
30. Helps to cut down on body fat and lower cholesterol levels
31. Suitable for everyone from all sizes and age groups
32. Releases anti-ageing stress
33. Balances body and helps it move efficiently
34. Lowers blood pressure
35. Assists with recovery from injuries
36. Boosts your immune system
37. Improves your breathing irregularity
38. Relieves headaches and migraine
39. Helps with your sleeping quality and reduces insomnia
40. Alleviates the fear of falling for the elderly
41. Helps musicians and sports people with their posture and lung capacity