Benefits of onsite yoga:
strengthen the immune system and reduce absence through illness
improve focus, concentration and brain efficiency
improve the sense of community and team-building spirit in a company, resulting in a reduction in staff turnover
improve the ability to keep a cool head under stressful situations
reduce mental, emotional as well as physical stress and tension
reduce physical, mental and emotional fatigue
reduce the risk of burnout and depression
lessen specific aches and ailments related to sitting behind a desk or in a car for long hours every day (such as back pain, neck problems, headaches, eye problems, …)
lower raised blood pressure (caused by stress and deadlines)
increase employees’ vitality
improve self-confidence and success rates of employees
support the general well-being and positive atmosphere
help employees in building relationships with one another and improve communication
create a more attractive workplace for current and prospective employees.
When you couple all of those benefits with a reduction in healthcare claims, bringing yoga onsite to the office becomes a win-win-win situation for any business.