Urban Wellbeing is a London based company aiming at the health and wellbeing of office workers as well as individuals at all levels and age groups.
Our sessions are professionally designed to spread health, joy, mindfulness, motivation and unity at your workplace or in your home.
Regular and mindful sessions guided by our professional team can add a huge impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of you and your employees, help to create a more friendly and positive working atmosphere and naturally boost the success of your business.

How it works

Highly qualified Urban Wellbeing team members visit your workplace or home to deliver a bespoke treatment to meet your needs which will primarily bring health, joy and peace to your company.

How we do this

Our team consists of educated, certified and fully insured members. They offer you various classes to meet your needs, at the comfort of your place with little or no equipment needed. Our services include Pilates, Yoga, Desktop Pilates, Chair Massage, Laughter Yoga and Tai Chi.

Benefits of Wellbeing Sessions

⦁ Reduced cost for the company (work related absence costs the UK economy £4 billion a year)
⦁ A more friendly and positive working environment
⦁ Employee wellbeing, satisfaction and motivation
⦁ Team building and sense of unity
⦁ Decreased sick leave and increased productivity

Why to choose us

⦁ We work only with the best teachers and therapists
⦁ We come to you deliver bespoke sessions with high benefits
⦁ You don’t need to have a space for our sessions as we also do desktop Pilates and yoga with ultimate benefits.
⦁ Our goal is to bring health, happiness and success to your company.
Urban Wellbeing schemes which provide access to stress-relieving forms of exercise such as Pilates, yoga or Tai Chi, mindfulness classes can be a great and casual way to encourage healthier employees who do not proactively do anything to manage their mental health.